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Father kills 2-year-old son so he could play online game at Internet cafe'

Gamer kills toddler son so he can continue playing video game.
Gamer kills toddler son so he can continue playing video game.
Photo by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images

The gamer who murdered his toddler son so he could continue playing his online games has confessed to authorities. At first police accused the 22-year-old man of starving the two-year-old to death so he could go on playing the games online, but that is not how it happened. The gamer later confessed to killing his toddler son with his own hands more than a month ago. He did this to continue his online gaming, according to MSN News on April 15.

The South Korean police charged the man Sunday, who is known only to the public as Chung, with killing his son after a suitcase containing the small body was found near his home. The police originally accused him of leaving the two-year-old boy alone for 10 days to starve while he was off gaming.

Chung confessed to covering the boy’s mouth and nose with his hand and killing him. He did this so he could go to the Internet cafe, the police report. The mother of the baby is away working in a factory and was not around to care for the boy, who was in the care of his unemployed father.

According to Reuters today, the father had reported the son missing earlier. It was before the son’s body was found that police first accused him of starving the boy while he was out playing games at the cafe.

After killing the boy, Chung wrapped him in a trash bag and then put him inside the suitcase. Chung was seen on the apartment complex video surveillance tape leaving his apartment with that suitcase. He gets on the elevator with the suitcase and he was seen checking his hair in the mirror, just like he was going about his daily activities.

This day was different though, as this father admired himself in the mirror, he was carrying the body of his dead toddler son in a suitcase. The boy was dead because he killed him with his own two hands. How disturbingly morbid this picture is!

The South Korea government recognizes that online gaming addiction has become a serious social issue. They have cut off the Internet connections for minors to stop their late night gaming. This case takes it to the extreme edge of the gaming problem.

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