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Father kicks son down skateboard ramp: Viral video of 6-year-old falling in fear

A frustrated father was captured on a cell phone video kicking his son down a skateboard ramp over the weekend. This caused the child to shriek in fear and caught the attention of bystanders. One of the witnesses to this shameful act took the video, according to the New York Daily News on April 28.

Father kicks son down skateboard ramp, video goes viral and shames the father!
YouTube screen shot/ Adam Roberts

Marcus Crossland grew impatient with his six-year-old son, who was a bit apprehensive when facing such a big dip on his skateboard. Without any warning this dad swiftly kicks this little boy, who falls down the ramp and lets out a scream. The video was posted on First Coast News Facebook page and it is drawing criticism for the father's actions.

The child wasn't hurt, but this father's shameful action was caught on video today and it has gone viral. This Florida dad wasn't kidding when he wanted his son to have the skate boarding experience.

It was the biggest skateboard ramp at the Kona Skate Park in Arlington that the dad sent his little son down on Friday afternoon. This halfpipe ramp is called the "Big Brown" and it can be a scary height to jump off even for the veteran adult skateboarders.

Kudos for the 13-year-old teen who confronted Crossland and asked him why he would do this to the kid. Ryan Stephens said that after he asked the father why, the father replied, "because he needs to learn."

Stephens told the father that kicking his kid down this gigantic ramp was on way to teach the kid how to "drop in." This is when Crossland asked him, "Do you think you can raise him better than me?''

According to today, the boy is nicknamed Dino the Dinosaur. He and his dad are well known around Kona. The six-year-old is known as a skateboarding "prodigy." When asked by another media outlet for an interview, Crossland said that the Jacksonville Sheriff's Department wants to talk with him about this incident and declined any further comments.

Crossland was asked to leave the park by the park operator, Martin Ramos. He told the father he needed to leave after getting a look at the shameful action when a bystander brought him over the video to take a look at. Ramos said that Crossland immediately appeared remorseful when he confronted him.

Ramos said it was apparent he was filled with regret after the error of his ways was pointed out. He told Ramos he was "just caught up in the moment." The park operator added that it seems as if this father will now be answering to these actions for quite some time.

Stephens got a copy of that video and posted it online. He was so angry at the father, who regularly skates at the park. Now that the video is out there, Jacksonville. com reports that the Florida Child and Family Services are now involved in this matter. Crossland's embarrassment won't go away anytime soon. The video was seen on morning news shows on Monday morning, including "Fox and Friends" live.

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