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Father Joe Steward becomes Bishop-Elect of Delmarva Diocese

By Rev. Mother Meredith Moise, NSPSA

On October 8th, the Congregation of Bishops of the North American Old Catholic Church (NAOCC) selected Father Joe Steward to head the new Diocese of Delmarva. Father Steward, pastor of St. Michael the Archangel Old Catholic Church and dean of Baltimore, was selected to be the first bishop of the Church's new Diocese of Delmarva. Delmarva, which is an abbreviation of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia, is experiencing tremendous growth within the North American Old Catholic Church. The Church has a number of parishes and ministries in the region as well as the largest number of clergy within the church body. 

According to Presiding Bishop, Most Rev. Michael Seneco, "The Diocese of Delmarva covers all missions, ministries, and parishes in Delware, Maryland, and Virginia. The diocese, originally erected in March of 2008, will remain in the US Region. Bishop-elect Steward has been given the titular see of Church Creek, and his consecration will be scheduled for after the Christmas holiday."

Father Steward has been a rising adminstrator within the NAOCC. Ordained in 2008, Father Steward started St. Michael the Archangel Parish along with Deacon William Christ. He was named dean of clergy in Baltimore. He has performed a number of weddings and baptisms in the area. Father Steward is very active in the Morrell Park community association. He is also a Vietnam veteran and an accomplished entrepreneur and manager. 



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