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Father hits teacher with baseball bat after reading 'inappropriate' texts

A father hits his daughter's teacher with a baseball bat after learning that the teacher sent inappropriate texts to the girl at 3 a.m. According to Huffington Post, it all started when the Maryland dad saw the messages between the 42-year-old teacher and his 15-year-old daughter. After reporting the messages, investigators didn't find anything "wrong" and never charged the teacher.

Afterwards, the teacher wanted to speak with the girl's father -- though it is unclear why. He showed up at the family's home where he was told to leave. When he refused to leave, the dad grabbed a baseball bat and began beating the teacher with it. The teacher sustained minor injuries according to the report.

When a father hits a teacher with a baseball bat, one has to imagine that there would be charges to follow. However, the teacher decided not to press charges.

This story has caused quite a bit of debate online. Some people believe that the teacher deserved what he got and that no 42-year-old should be texting his underage student under any circumstances. Others don't believe that violence is the answer and think that both the girl's father and her teacher should be held accountable for their actions. Without knowing the context of the text messages, it's hard to pick a side, so-to-speak, but if the girl's mother described them as "inappropriate," chances are, they were.

After the father hit the teacher with the baseball bat, and police arrived at the home, it's unknown how things were left or if the girl will be going back to school today.

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