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Father eyes family crash: Dad helplessly watches as family of 5 dies

Crime scene tape (file photo)
Crime scene tape (file photo)
Wikimedia Commons

A husband and father's entire family died in a car crash Saturday in California, according to a Feb. 17 Huffington Post story. The Fresno car accident claimed the lives of a dad's four children and his wife when a motorist allegedly ran a stop sign, struck the family of five’s vehicle, and caused it to burst into flames. The man was burned while trying to rescue his kids and spouse and watched helplessly as they perished.

The father's family died in the crash after 41-year-old Juana Martinez Bejarano's allegedly barreled her 2004 Nissan minivan through a stop sign and struck a 2003 Ford sport utility vehicle driven by a 29-year-old mom. After being struck, the Ford SUV flipped onto a lawn and burst into flames.

Meanwhile, the father, who was driving directly behind his family, raced to their aid, to no avail. The flames from the crash were too intense to pull out the occupants. As a result, the grieving man stood by helplessly as the vehicle burned and his wife, two sons, ages 1 and 3, and two daughters, 6 and 11 perished in the inferno.

You almost could not have timed it any better, the two front corners," said California Highway Patrol Officer Axel Reyes, who offered a statement about the fatal accident.

Officer Reyes said that both vehicles came into contact at what is considered the worst possible points regarding injury and survival rates of car crashes.

Investigators have ruled out illicit drugs and alcohol and say speed was not a factor, according to witness statements and evidence at the scene.

However, due to her past medical history, they are trying to determine if prescription medication was a contributing cause of the crash.

Before the crash, the father's family had just a departed from a birthday party and was on their way to pick up another child. This explains why they were traveling in two separate vehicles.

The area where the fatality took place in Fresno County is a tightly-knit community. Everyone involved in the crash resided from Riverdale. As the news spread, distraught family and friends gathered at the site for comfort.

However, when a father witnesses his family crash in a fiery inferno and he cannot save any of them, the pain and experience is undoubtedly unbearable.

More is to come on this developing story.


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