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Florida beach plane crash kills father walking with daughter, girl critical

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A father and his young daughter were walking along a Venice, Florida beach when a small plane crashed-landed on the sand, killing the father and seriously injuring the girl. The girl, who looked to be about 10-years-old, was airlifted to All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, according to CBS News on July 27.

Police said the little girl looked as if she was in critical condition, but the hospital will not comment on the child’s condition. The father and daughter were enjoying a Sunday afternoon one minute and the next minute their world is gone, such a sad tragedy for this family today.

According to the New York Daily News it is not clear if the man was hit by the plane coming down or debris caused by the crash, although the picture of the crash site, as seen above, looks as though the plane is still intact. The preliminary reports coming from Venice Beach is that the plane did send out a distress call before landing on the beach.

Venice Airport received a radio transmission from the pilot of a 1972 Piper Cherokee at about 2:45 p.m. saying her could not make it back to the airport and his aircraft was in distress. The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office said the man then took the plane down for an emergency landing on the beach.

Along with the pilot the plane was carrying one passenger, both escaped the crash uninjured. They were rescued, the sheriff’s office reports, but were not injured in the crash landing. The plane, which is seen sitting on the beach at the water’s edge does not look to have any damage.

It looks as though if the plane had come down just a few feet either way from where it did, it may have saved the man and his daughter from this horrific accident. The National Transportation Safety Board has sent investigators to the scene of this crash landing.