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Father hits teacher with a baseball bat; discovered texts to teen daughter

In Maryland, an angry father attacks a teacher with a baseball bat for allegedly sending "inappropriate" text messages to his 15-year-old daughter and -- ironically -- no arrests were made. Baltimore County Police contend that although the dad hit the girl's teacher with a bat for texting his daughter, the instructor’s actions did not constitute a crime in this case, according to a June 8 Huffington Post report.

Random person sending text message
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Note: Some sources are reporting that the teen's father struck the teacher with a baseball bat in direct response to the text messages, as if he stalked the man, found him, and committed the attack. Instead, sources familiar with the scene report a different set of circumstances.

Reportedly, the Perry Hall student's mom discovered the text messages about three in the morning and notified her husband. The police were called to respond to the parents' complaint. However, after an investigation from a White Marsh precinct, police concluded that there was no basis to prosecute the teacher.

Baltimore County Police disagree at this time with the teen's father and downplayed any allegations that a crime was committed. Based on information sourced from NewsNet5 , police believe that on the surface it appears as:

An emotional inappropriate relationship between a 15-year-old student and her 42-year-old teacher at Perry Hall High School."

Apparently, the unnamed teacher showed up at the girl's home without forewarning to talk to the father about the matter. And at some point, things got physical after the instructor refused to leave the premises.

The girl's father told the teacher to leave, but the teacher refused. The girl's father then struck the teacher with a baseball bat," according to information from police news reports on the matter.

Given recent reports as of late about teacher and student scandals -- many often involving romantic relationships – it is understandable why any parent would be moved to anger. And according to scores of comments from NewsNet5's social media page, many readers agree with the actions of the father. Others say a father who attacks a teacher with a baseball bat over inappropriate text messages has a right to be angry, but no right to take the law into his own hands.

Where do you stand in this debate? Was his actions warranted or should they have dealt with the matter internally with the school administration? Chime in.

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