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Father arrested after three toddlers found wandering the streets

Father arrested after three toddlers found wandering the streets

Each day thousands of children are neglected in the United States. Statistics show a child is abused every 10 seconds and 5 children die daily due to child abuse and child neglect in the United States, and these statistics are on the rise.

Today reported Angel Flores is accused of negligent child abuse after neighbors reported his three children were found wandering around their neighborhood unsupervised for several hours.

On Wednesday morning a concerned citizen called 911 to report a 2 year-old girl wandering around the neighborhood unsupervised. She was only wearing pink pajamas. A Dona Ana County Sheriff's Deputy reported to the scene. On arrival he saw the toddler "standing in the middle of a street."

Other concerned neighbors called authorities and reported seeing 3 year old twin boys, wearing only diapers, walking throughout the neighborhood without any adult supervision.

According to reports authorities say "none of the three children had shoes or socks on."

Sheriff's officials said Flores "wasn't aware his children had left the house."

Dona Ana County Sheriff's officials say "Flores is being held on a $10,000 secured bond" and "it's unclear if he has a lawyer."

All three children were turned over to the New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department.

If you see, hear or suspect a child is being abused or neglected it is your moral duty to report it. Here is a list of state toll-free numbers for specific agencies designated to receive and investigate reports of suspected child abuse and neglect. For your privacy and protection you can file a report of child abuse anonymously.

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