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Father and son save three deer from Minnesota frozen lake

There sure has been a lot of criticism about James and his father as they saved three stranded deer from the frozen ice Albert Lea Lake in Freeborn County this week reported wpsdlocal6.

James and his dad used their hovercraft to save stranded deer on Albert Lea Lake in Minnesota.
YouTube video screenshot

When James saw the Facebook post that the deer were stuck out on the lake, he called his dad. The two men took their hovercraft out to the area where the does were lying sprawled on the ice exhausted from trying to get some traction out of those slippery hooves.

Once out in the middle of the lake, the two men tied the first deer's legs, attached the end of the rope to the hovercraft and pulled her to the edge of the lake. They returned for the doe's sister, tied the rope around her torso and repeated the rescue.

A third deer rescue was not shown on video.

Once rested the deer returned to the safety of the forest.

So how in the world does Santa get his reindeers' hooves to have traction over icy territory on Christmas Eve is beyond reason? Without a doubt however, James and his father performed random acts of kindness for two helpless animals who became the victims of Mother Nature as she decided to challenge even the animals with this extra cold weather.

For all of you naysayers who are yelling that James and his father upset the balance of nature by saving these helpless deer, why not follow in their footsteps someday, and do a random act of kindness for another human being or a helpless animal?

James acted as the cameraman for the rescue. Why not?

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