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Fate of the down-hearted dog behind viral photo

Few photos of late have generated as much viral networking as the one of a depressed pit bull named "Chelsea."

Chelsea is safe, others are not
Jason Heigl Foundation
Chelsea in the facility
Via Facebook

The young dog, who was housed at the San Bernardino City Animal Control in California, was so depressed at the facility that she would not show her face, or leave the corner.

The image of her attempting to hide from the world was exactly what was necessary for thousands of people to network her information.

Chelsea has a happy "tail" thanks to the efforts of so many strangers. Two days ago, she left the facility thanks to the rescue agency, the Jason/Heigl Foundation, which shared:

Chelsea, was at the San Bernardino Animal Shelter who never turned around to show her pretty face. Scared out if her mind not knowing what was next for her. We were able to pull Chelsea to give her a second chance at life. We will be keeping everyone up to date on her recovery, but most importantly to let everyone know, she's safe!

Other dogs are not as fortunate as Chelsea - few dogs are able to capture the heart of so many.

Right now, three, beautiful owner surrendered dogs are on death row in Manhattan, N.Y., but very few people are networking on their behalf. Without help, they will quietly be killed and lost forever.

Chelsea is going to be okay - please remember to passionately reach out to help the thousands of other dogs who are in need of assistance as well.

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