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Type the word “duck” on to the Internet and you will soon access sale on 18" of a huge Inflatable Rubber Ducky: $4.95, one of several toys spinoff of Duck Dynasty. The multimillion air Duck family made it rich by selling duck calls and now is making $200,000 per episode for its reality show. In mid-December, it has gained more national attention because it leader espoused his beliefs about how homosexuality was sin, and was cut out of the show temporarily.

Also you will see blurbs about Phil Robinson, leader of the Duck Dynasty and will be treated to his gang of long-beards setting fire to one on their old duck blinds high up in a tree. The family blows it up, explaining in redneck logic the appeal of a big burning fire. And we are told they also got squirrels to fry up because “You can’t come home empty handed and make the cook mad”.

On the CNN site we are sold by S.E. Cupp is co-host of the new "Crossfire," a political commentator for Glenn Beck's "The Blaze", that

“I had the pleasure of getting to know the Robertsons -- the duck call mogul stars of A&E's "Duck Dynasty" -- over the past couple of years. I've hunted ducks with Phil, the patriarch, and enjoyed Miss Kaye's home cooking. They are good, kindhearted, compassionate and generous people.

“The brouhaha over Phil Robertson's comments to a GQ reporter is disconcerting, not because I disagree with his views on homosexuality -- and I do, demonstrably -- but because his views are neither surprising nor unique.

"Duck Dynasty" is a show about a Christian family. They pray at the end of every episode. They go to church, or school as Phil likes to call it. Phil's son Allen is an evangelical pastor. Phil quotes Scripture regularly on the show (and in real life.) They do not hide their Christianity, but rather they celebrate it. That Phil would therefore express a biblically literal interpretation of homosexuality may offend some, but it shouldn't surprise anyone.”

So what are we to conclude from this ducky story? One lesson you can’t miss is that millions of people find such stuff as explosions that are part of almost ever trailer of action films and who find reality shows entertaining. Apparently we find pop-culture light-hearted fare provides escape from the hard business of life. We are fortunate that even what is silly and offensive is not censored. Yet, must we not ask if such fare really differs from watching the Kardashians, or millions viewing and identifying with violent crushing of bodies in football or cheering or Gaga and pop stars prancing about in crazy costumes? In short, are we not a nation that needs to grow up and to commit ourselves to what really matters? Are we as a people short on critical thinking in what we watch and support? That rhetorical question doesn’t mean that we should never by inflatable ducks for our children.

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