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Fate/Extra (White Box) Saber Figma Action Figure

Well, after how much I loved the Saber Alter Revoltech, despite all of its warts, I thought that the 'Burned Bride' version from the Fate/Extra video game would be a shoe in. Well, at least I got a great deal on it.

Saber, the burned bride. I love her slightly befuddled look. It's as though she's trying to say "Where am I, and why am I in this wedding dress?"

Despite a reputation for being finicky, I've always had great luck with the Figmas I have bought. This one proves to be the exception to the rule. The modeling and paint, are, as usual top notch. However, this version of Saber crosses the line from action figure to customizable statue.

The 'train' of her wedding outfit is not flexible (they got it right on Misaka's skirt, I don't see how they could get it wrong here!), and tend to unbalance her. This should not be too much of a problem, as she comes with the stand. Except the stand is made to plug into a hole on the back of the figure. A hole this version of lacking. Additionally both sides of her 'chastity belt' accessory are free floating, and not attached to the buckle. Usually, they are well behaved, and stay in the general vicinity. Usually. One last downside is that her sword does not stay put very well in her grip, though this is something that can be worked around without too much difficulty.

As a plus side, her face and hair accessories are easier to switch and more secure than most other Figmas. Same goes for the hands, they are secure, yet relatively easy to switch. And boy does Saber ever come with hand options, which is fitting, I suppose, for such an accomplished swordswoman.

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