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Fate and an unlikely reunion between a lost dog and stunned owners

Reunited with his family
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On Saturday, the Converse Animal Shelter, in Texas, shared the details of an unlikely reunion between a family and the dog they had lost months ago.

The story started last February when a dog dubbed "Riggs" was rescued by a good Samaritan named Kate. Kate and her husband had found two dogs who were dodging traffic on a busy road in San Antonio. The couple was able to rescue the dogs from the road, but they struggled to find a rescue agency to take them in.

Eventually, the couple was put in touch with the Converse Animal Shelter and the employees there assured them that the dogs would receive veterinary care and find a home. A short time later, Riggs, a shepherd mix, was adopted by a family who fell in love with him. However, a happily ever after ending with that family was not meant to be - the family's baby was allergic to Riggs and he was returned to the shelter.

Fast forward to Saturday - the day that Riggs attended an adoption fair at Petsmart. The following details were shared about what happened next:

Several dogs got adopted and as the minutes ticked by I thought I would be heading back to the shelter with Riggs. When it was time to pack up a family arrived and they said Riggs reminded them of their dog that had wandered away. They didn't think the dog could be theirs because so much time had passed and they believed he had been hit by a car. They showed us some pictures and the resemblance was uncanny.

Going on to the moment when the puzzle pieces fell into place:

Then the dad, called him by his given name, Major and all the pieces clicked. Riggs was Major and he had found his family that he had lost. As it turned out, Major had wandered off with a little black pit mix that was a neighborhood stray.

The family had searched high and low for Major, scouring shelters, scanning lost and found ads, but finally accepted that he had probably been hit by car. Today, they were running errands and the dad wanted to stop at Petsmart, just to walk around.

In a city of 1.3+ million people and countless dogs, Major found his family and they found their baby. Fate brought that family into Petsmart and a miracle saved this dog.

Following the reunion, Kate shared these words:

It was a profoundly touching moment for all of us. In all of my years of rescue, I have never seen a family reunited without a microchip and while they weren't even looking to adopt a dog. I'm still awestruck. The Converse Animal Shelter staff are amazing people and they go above and beyond for their animals.

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