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Fatal shooting: Teenage serviceman shot in bed–self-defense theory questionable

A tragedy has hit the airways and the state of Texas with a shooting involving a seventeen year old teenager. Johran McCormick was a serviceman for the United States Air Force. He either was invited or sneaked into the bedroom of his girlfriend in Houston. However his presence came to be, his fate came to an end that very morning.

Was shooting intentional or accidental?
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In news story on March 18 from the Canada Journal, Johran McCormick was spotted by his girlfriend’s young brother when he entered her bedroom to tell her goodnight. Once he saw there was another person in the room with his sister he went and told his father.

The father came to investigate what was going on in his sixteen year old daughter’s room and brought his gun with him in case it was necessary to protect himself and his daughter. After the father entered the room he found the young man lying in his daughter’s bed. The father inquired about who he was and why he was in his home, specifically his daughter’s bedroom.

It seems that when dear old dad walked into the bedroom his daughter panicked since he is quite strict with the way his house is run and what his children can and cannot do and with whom as well as when. She flat out lied and said she didn’t know who the boy was.

The police were notified by a 911 and it seems an argument began in the room. Since McCormick was lying down he may have dropped his hands to prop himself up so not to feel so vulnerable lying there with the dad looming above him. This action caused the dad to react and he shot the teenager in the head because he thought the boy was about to reach for something.

Why didn’t the father just point the gun at the boy and wait for the Houston authorities to come and handle the situation? Why did he have to shoot him in the head killing him instantly? He could have fired a shot in his shoulder or leg if he thought it necessary and if he really did fear for his life and the safety of his daughter. He didn’t have to make the shot a fatal one knowing the police would be there any moment.

Zakia McCormick and Shawn Curley, parents of the young Air Force serviceman are devastated. Words can’t express the grief and horror they are experiencing. What is worse is that currently authorities seem very unlikely to press charges against the father for his actions. Killing is a crime and should be punished by law and since there most likely isn’t any evidence Johran McCormick had a weapon to use against the father then why isn’t he being charged?

The father told the officers that he wasn’t feeling well and was taken to the hospital to be looked over.

The family lost a dear family member as did the Air Force. A boy who enlisted to serve his country met his fate in a tragic way that many people feel was unjust.

There still is a chance that the father will be charged but it all depends upon what and how the county prosecutor brings the evidence out in a grand jury hearing. The case is still being investigated and hopefully for the family of Zakia justice will prevail.

Do you think the shooting was intentional or accidental?

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