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Fatal Shooting Over Texting In Florida Theater

Fatal Shooting Over Texting In Florida Theater
Fatal Shooting Over Texting In Florida Theater

Yesterday, I posted a report of a shooting over texting at a Central Florida movie theater. It seems Chad Oulson was texting during the previews prior to the movie 'Lone Survivor'. This was upsetting to former Tampa Police Captain Curtis Reeves. An argument ensued and the two exchanged heated words. Reeves had gone to the manager of the theater and complained and when he came back more words were exchanged and this time Reeves pulled out a 38 caliber pistol and fired a shot hitting Oulson's wife in the hand and hitting Oulson and killing him within minutes.

This all occurred over texting in the movie theater. Have we become a nation of idiots? Reeves was a decorated police veteran who was the officer in charge of setting up Tampa's first SWAT team. He was a man who was able to handle the worst of stressed situations. Monday he lost control and is now charged with 2nd degree murder.

Oulson and his wife Nicole were at the movies for an afternoon date while their child was at daycare. Should Oulson have been texting in the theater, probably not. His death should not have occurred because of it though.

Wesley Chapel, Florida is a very quiet community about five miles north of Tampa and this is a very bizarre case of insanity. This is a tragedy in many ways. A husband of one lost his life and a decorated police captain snapped and will probably spend the rest of his life prison. The sad thing is I have heard people talking of how the former Police Captain had every right to shoot the man. He was in fear of his life. It seems some popcorn had been thrown. Ladies and Gentlemen I know times are bad but over texting and popcorn. All this occurred at the Cobb Grove 16 movie theater and if it can happen here then it could easily happen where you live. Lighten up folks this should never have occurred.