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Fatal fitness mistake number two

Prisoner squat
Prisoner squat

The second fatal fitness mistake is to spend too much time doing ab crunches in hopes of losing belly fat.

Fatal fitness mistakes

Your abs may be strong and developed even if you can’t see definition because a layer of belly fat is covering them up. Seeing that amazing coveted 6-pack, takes amazing work.

Most of the fat around your belly is a result of your nutrition. Your exercise to reduce belly fat should include interval cardio training and strength training using super-sets with high intensity, and full body combination of exercises like squats, pull-ups (or assisted pull-ups if you can't do them) and push-ups (or knee push-ups for beginners).

Here are some examples of body-weight super-sets that require no equipment, no gym and no excuses! Keep up the pace, you will get both the aerobic benefit and the strength training benefit that will really burn calories, burn fat and increase your metabolism.

1) 30 seconds of body weight prisoner squats immediately followed by 30 seconds of push-ups, rest 60 seconds and repeat 2 times.

2) 30 seconds of alternating forward touch down lunges immediately followed by 30 seconds of mountain climbers, rest 60 seconds and repeat 2 times.

3) Finish with plank and side plank (20 second plank + 1- second side plank alternating sides up to 8 rounds)

View the slide show to see pictures of the exercises. If you like what you see, you may like the e-book where they came from!

Please see the previous article for mistake #1--


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