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Fat Tuesday at RJ Boland's

Quickly becoming the place to be following Cavalier Games, RJ Boland's is entering the downtown Cleveland entertainment scene with a bang. Formerly Waterhouse, Diamondback Brewery, and then Phil the Fire, RJ Boland's is located at 724 Prospect Avenue in the Gateway District. Opened in November 2009, Boland's combines the technology of a sports bar, with HDTVs everywhere, and the energy flow of an East Village Manhattan Pub.

The owners and management understand how to integrate food, culture, and libation into a destination speakeasy. The menu consists of a cornucopia of pub and bistro style selections that suit both the  wine-and-diner and  grub-and-goer. Lunchtime and dinnertime items are designed for the palate and the pocketbook.

RJ Boland's is committed to Cleveland culture and its traditionally scrutinizing expectations. Customer Service stands out as a high priority, as the service is prompt, and the establishment clean as a whistle. The musical arrangement sets an interactive tone, ranging from club electronica to popular hip hop. The dance floor is situated directly between the main bar area, and the dining area, operating as the nucleus of the nightclub's floor plan. 

RJ's draws a diverse crowd of young professionals, looking for a change from the west sixth scene. It is growing in popularity by the day, and by the spring should be able to build on Its patronage with the addition of an ultra lounge located upstairs.  RJ Boland's is open 11 a.m.- 2 a.m. Daily. To learn more information so that you can share the experience go to


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