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Fat Tuesday and Paczki Day in Detroit; Celebrating the feast before the fast

Save me a place in line
Save me a place in line

Fat Tuesday, or Paczki Day in Detroit, the one day out of the year when people nation-wide give themselves a free “diet” pass, to feast before they fast. Tomorrow morning workers everywhere will cheerfully be rising a little earlier than usual, to stand in the long, winding lines at their neighborhood bakery, (sometimes for hours) in hopes that their favorite paczki flavor is still available.

According to the Macomb Daily News report on March 2, many Detroit area bakers are feeling a little sleep deprived right now, (from working around the clock over the weekend) and will continue baking right up to and including Tuesday morning.

The paczki, a “deep fried ball of dough traditionally filled with prunes” and topped with icing or powdered sugar, originated in Poland in the Middle Ages during the reign of August III, as a way “to use up all the sugar, fat, and fruit in the house – things that were forbidden during the strict Polish Lenten season.”

So don’t forget to set your alarm, and dress warm, sometimes the lines form outside the building and down the street, if I get there first, I’ll save you a place in line!