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Fat Princess and Batman: Arkham Asylum demo on PS3 network


Fat Princess Logo

While the console wars wage on there has been a few things that have been popping up on PS3 that deserves mentioning.

There is a playable demo of the much awaited Batman: Arkham Asylum.  While it might take some getting used to, and Batman taking up most of the screen is a bit distracting.  I have found a lot of fun in the game and look forward to the actual game.  For those of you still on the fence about Ghostbusters: The Video Game a demo has also been released for your paranormal needs.

Full game wise, there is a down-loadable game named "Fat Princess".  The game can be played a number of ways, but the main way seems to be a "capture the flag" style, in this case the princess that you have to rescue is the flag.  While she is small at first, your opposition may forge out to find magic cake which they will feed to your princess, causing her to become fatter and more difficult to rescue. 

Before I go on I must address the media attention that Fat Princess has received.  I believe it was earlier this year I first heard about Fat Princess.  The creators were excited about their new, colorful and fun game.  But the title seemed to upset a number of people that were on the larger side.  They demanded that not only the name of the game be changed, but the game be stopped from release. 

The video game industry is pretty similar to the film biz in a lot of ways and the saying "there is no such thing as bad publicity" also rings true to the gaming world.  The media buzz created more awareness to the game and in all honesty I probably would not have noticed this game if it wasn't for the name. 

My complaint to the people that where complaining about the game are a couple issues.  First off the name of the game puts a new spin on the traditional princess myth.  Normally the princess that you rescue is anorexic.  While the princess may begin smaller, that does not last very long in the game.  The second issue I have is that these people making complaints against the game did not really know what the game was about, they just knew the title.  Please people, lighten up and in the immortal words of Heath Ledger, "why so serious?"

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