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Fat loss nutrition tips

You cannot out run your fork. You’re exercising to look great for summer, but your body isn’t showing the results.

Know the facts
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This could be a sign that your nutrition needs work. It’s not like we lack information on nutrition. We have information overload. Google good nutrition and you come up with 275 million hits. Wow.

So, where do you start?

Dallas Personal Training Examiner asked industry experts to assist with some easy tips that you can use right away.

  1. Karen Owoc - Healthy Parenting, Weight Loss & Longevity Expert

“Eat more fiber. Try to get in 40 grams a day. By focusing on fiber, you will naturally eat less calorie-dense foods and more antioxidant-rich plant foods. Avoid "white" foods, i.e., sugar, white flour, and salt.”

Sometimes it is just that easy. Pass me an oat bran muffin, stat.

  1. Helene Byrne - Pre- and postnatal health and fitness expert (ACE certified), author, and founder of

“Be Fit Mom’s three 80% rules are

A. Make 80% of your food choice top quality. This leaves room for a small "fun food."

B. Serve yourself just 80% of what you would normally put on your plate.

C. Stop eating when you feel 80% full.”

These are great rules for everybody. Well, at least 80% of us.

  1. Sarah B. Krieger - Nutritionist and Weight Management Coach, fitsmi Parent Coaching.

“I highly recommend that my clients base all meals and snacks around the bounty of summer fruits and vegetables. This time of year is the 'easiest' to add produce simply because melons, salads, berries, peaches, peppers... and on and on...are in their peak season for flavor. Taste rules our food choices so if fruits and vegetables taste amazing, it is a great first step to weight loss."

Did you ever hear of anyone being overweight because of eating fresh fruit and vegetables? About the only way to tip the scales with watermelon is to stand on the scale while holding one.

  1. Denise Hernandez, a registered and licensed dietitian at The Houstonian Club in Houston

Don't Skip Meals.

“Most people skip meals in hopes of losing weight quickly, and it backfires. Skipping meals will lower your metabolic rate and is counterproductive. You may lose 2-5 pounds doing this but in the long run you are doing more harm than good to your metabolism.”

In other word, the weight comes right back. If you’re not careful, it might bring company, too.

Go ahead and put this advice into action, and you might find yourself exercising in front a mirror so you can admire your success.

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