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"Fat Guy in a Little Coat" dating horror story #263

eHarmony can make people look good. Oh wait, people misrepresenting themselves in their online dating profiles can make them look good.

I don't even remember his name. His profile was adorable - I could tell he was short-ish and round-ish. He said 5'7 I believe which, I know you are supposed to subtract several inches from a guy's height just like you are supposed to add several pounds to a girl's weight. I didn't know a WHOLE lot about him before our lunch date but I just thought he was so sweet.

We met at Cascone's in North Kansas City for lunch. He was 5'4 and VERY round. At the time I was coaching a cheer/dance squad, teaching Zumba and was taking very good care of myself. This is relevant because health is/was important to me and it clearly wasn't important to him.

Moving on...

From the first moment I sat down I was uncomfortable. He was a gentleman yes. But way too touchy-feely for a first date. I am closed and don't open up for awhile and the questions he was asking me not only pushed my comfort level they were trespassing my personal space!

We talked about ethnicity. I mentioned somewhere down the line I have Cherokee Indian in me. He took this and RAN WITH IT. He and his first wife (he had been married twice, another "item" he forget to mention online) were married 3 times...once by the Justice of the Peace, once in a church and once on an Indian reservation.

He lived in a trailer with his 3 kids from 2 different women. He was in child custody struggles/child support litigation from all sides. While we sat at lunch - in the ONE HOUR span of time - BOTH baby mamas text him.

That was a hellacious date.


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