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Fat Cyclist comes to Philadelphia for LiveStrong Challenge


"Fat Cyclist" Photo courtesy of

A blogger known as "Fat Cyclist" will bring members of "Team Fatty"  to Philadelphia this Sunday to participate in Lance Armstrong's LiveStrong Challenge, a bike ride that raises money to support the fight against cancer.  

Fatty's blog has encouraged thousands to take a stand against cancer by providing hope and humor in the face of this nasty disease.  His blog inspired over 500 riders to join "Team Fatty," making it the largest LiveStong team to date. 

Fatty chronicled his wife Susan's courageous fight against metastatic breast cancer and has earned over $600K for the Livestrong challenge. Sadly, Susan passed away on August 5, 2009.  Fat Cyclist wrote on his blog, "Susan’s part in the battle is over, but she didn’t lose. She led the charge. She showed the rest of us how to fight: with determination, focus, creativity, and outrageous endurance."

He will be addressing participants in the Philadelphia Livestrong event that departs from Montgomery County Community College.  

It's not too late to help kick cancer's ass by donating to support Team Fatty or other riders in this year's event.  

For more info:  Check out the following sites--Fat Cyclist or LiveStrong