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Fat burning foods you should add to your diet

Increase your metabolism with these fat-fighters. Easy to apply to your daily diet and are proven to help burn the unwanted excess.

1. Greek Yogurt

Contains a good amount of protein and can serve as a breakfast dish or mid-day snack. Shoot for the plain or low sugar flavors.

2. Berries

Loaded with antioxidants and considered to contain a low sugar content, they are small but satisfying in more ways than one.

3. Eggs

Low in calories and high in protein, it is recommended to start your day off with a protein rich food, leaving you less hungry throughout the day.

4. Quinoa

High in fiber and protein, this food adds a boost to your metabolism and satisfies hunger.

5. Broccoli

Get lean with the green, broccoli is loaded with fiber and is a cup of cooked broccoli contains only 44 calories!

6. Coffee

The one we've been waiting for. Proven to help you burn more calories than usual throughout the day, but only when used in proportion. Let's not get carried away with the mocha and caramel flavored lattes.

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