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Fat Bob's, now with epic delivery

Fat Bob's Pizza in New Paltz
Fat Bob's Pizza in New Paltz
Terence P Ward

Pizza place: Fat Bob's · 52 Main Street, New Paltz · 845/255-0096
Type: delivery
Ordered by: phone
Promised delivery time: 30 minutes
Actual delivery time: 30 minutes
Pizza ordered: Eggplant
Other food: Garlic bread
Meal price: $20.00
On the corner of Main and South Chestnut you'll find Fat Bob's, and its location alone makes it a high-traffic stop from mid-afternoon on, any day they're open. Bob's doesn't have hours posted on the door, so whether or not someone will pick up the phone is anybody's guess, but this review is for a day and time when someone did.

What made this particular pizza delivery epic was that it came on foot. Somebody at the shop knew that the house was within walking distance, and that hoofing it might actually save time in New Paltz traffic. The pizza arrived hot, fresh, and exactly when it was promised.

Pizza review: Fat Bob's eggplant is full slices, breaded and fried and laid out one per pizza slice. It's well-cooked, and you won't find the entire piece of eggplant sliding off on the first bite. In fact, this is the kind of eggplant that melts in the mouth in exactly the way vegetables (usually) don't.

This pizza was visually attractive, with a dollop of ricotta on each slice of eggplant. It was cooked all the way through, and didn't have any pools of oil on its surface. The proportion of cheese to sauce was ideal; both could be tasted but neither said, "Hey! Pay attention to me!" Both the sauce recipe and cheese mix made it easy to reach for a second slice, and hard not to reach for a third.

Other food review: The pizza posse has a penchant for garlic knots, but Bob's didn't have any. The garlic bread was crisp, buttery, and fresh.

It's true that Fat Bob's isn't consistently open, but the owners deserve credit for being honest about it. When they're open, which is more than they're not, they are on top of their game and deliver a quality pizza in the time promised.


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