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Fat and happy in Hawaii: sharing aloha at the table

Aloha shared by a luau feast
Aloha shared by a luau feast
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Does geography have any bearing on being fat or fit? Take Hawaii, 365 days of summer, beaches, water and outdoor sports and a population of morbidly obese, hypertensive, diabetic stricken happy people. A recent poll conducted on Facebook asked this question, “Why is there FAT in Hawaii?”

Here are some of the comments:

“I believe that living a healthy lifestyle means change. Not a lot of people take that seriously because of the laid back lifestyle we have here in Hawaii. Being healthy isn't always beening skinny, but being fit.” Sonya S.

“It's also the way we were raised, to respect others as individuals, not to judge, we welcome one and all just as they are, we are the ALOHA state. No worries, no problem.” Tisha D.

“I think that another reason is most families have two parents that are working full time. Then, there's the second job (taking kids to, from and after school activities, etc), and the third job (the house). After all is said and done, there's no time for exercise or we're too tired. They say make the time, but why are those without kids or single the ones that are skinny? Coincidence? I think not. Time is precious.” Noe W.

“Our Doctors should help us by telling us the hard truth instead of just prescribing meds for conditions that can be prevented by changing our diet, and loosing weight.” Pohai A.

“The people have always been cash poor. They could only afford processed meats or spam, or generally cheap cuts of meat. With cheaper cuts, they are higher in fat, and tougher. Then they have to be seasoned with a higher content of salt to make it edible.” Ryan B.

“We are too rushed in our lives, fast food is convenient. For some, we use food as a substitute for what is missing in our lives. We mistakeningly use food to fill us up. Food is medicine; it is a drug. Some try to over-medicate.” Matt C.

”Food is a way of life in Hawaii more so than any other state I think. It's a cultural experience, a bonding experience (special occasions), people like to share more with food than any other thing, it's more from the heart when we give with food.” Mike P.

The last comment sums it up best. Fat and happy in Hawaii and full of Aloha.


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