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Fastpass Plus replacing traditional machines in the Magic Kingdom

New Fastpass+ kiosks are take over at the Buzz Lightyear and Jungle Cruise attractions.
New Fastpass+ kiosks are take over at the Buzz Lightyear and Jungle Cruise attractions.

Disney's "Next-Gen" initiative has been gaining ground in the Magic Kingdom as of late, replacing traditional Fastpass dispensers with new Fastpass+ kiosks. The program, having already usurped machines in Disney's Animal Kingdom park, has been controversial with resort fans.

Reports of the program and its associated initiative's implementation have been mixed. With an emphasis on digitization, park Fastpass machines as well as entry booths have been replaced with new technology. Traditional turnstiles in Walt Disney World have given way to RFID admission media and finger scans. Resort hotels, along with numerous park attractions, have likewise been retrofitted for RFID media as part of the overall initiative to offer guests a more efficient, interactive experience that also allows Disney to more easily track guest habits. The perceived loss of privacy has bothered some fans, while the extremely high cost of the program has upset company executives as well as fans who believe the money would be better spent on new attractions.

The move to implement new Fastpass+ kiosks in the Magic Kingdom comes after machines in the Animal Kingdom park were completely swapped in mid-December last year. The Jungle Cruise and Buzz Lightyear attractions now feature the new touchscreen kiosks in place of the old paper dispensers. While the systems allow guests to select their Fastpass+ return times, they won't receive a ticket with the associated information as per traditional machines. Resort hotel guests with a smartphone and taking part in the MyMagic+ program can track their information using an official app.