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Fasting Reduces Cholesterol in Prediabetics

No Food for Fasting

Current research has shown that fasting is capable of helping patients that are prediabetics, which means that blood sugar levels are high, but not necessarily classified as being diabetes stage 2. Other risk factors include high blood pressure, low HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol), and even a large waistline known as abdominal obesity.

The rate of obesity is growing drastically due to all the processed foods and improper diet plans that give little nutrients. This alarming rate has caused many of people to rethink their lifestyle choices in order to prevent long term harm once the poor diets catch up with them. Diabetes is one of the top 10 killers in America, and obesity is usually the precursor.

- Fasting is where a person does not consume any food for a period of time and only drinks water, or nothing at all in some cases. This method is commonly used for weight loss, but may be used to for patients on the verge of being diabetic.

During the research bad cholesterol, LDL, was found to be extracted from fat cells during the fasting process, which is converted into energy just like a normal metabolic process. Researchers suggest that insulin resistance will be negated - the process in which the pancreas produces more insulin over time until it can no longer do so on its own. This is when diabetes forms and people diagnosed need insulin shots.

The studies are still undergoing more in-depth research to figure out how often one should fast since this takes away food that provides our bodies with vital macro and micro nutrients. They are necessary in that they allow all of our bodily functions to take place. For example, without protein we do not have proper muscle recovery, digestions, and many more processes.

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