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Fasting for victory

Fasting can bring you to your victory
Fasting can bring you to your victory

Are you struggling with something in your family? Maybe your children are growing up and beginning to stretch their wings – much to your dismay! Or maybe there is some other battle going on in your life. Well God has it covered, if you just know where to look.

The Word always has answers, sometimes we are not sure what the questions are, or where to find the answers once we do know the questions. Remember, what God has done for one, He will do for another, as He is no respecter of persons.

Here are some answers for a variety of problems that we all face at different times in our walk:

7 different fasts

1) 3 day fast - the Esther fast Esther 4:16 for favor in crisis
So what crisis are you facing? A mortgage issue, a foreclosure, loss of a job, or a child leaving home? Maybe an illness, or some other family crisis… Study Esther 4:16 for the Fast for a Crisis.

2) 21 day Fast - the Daniel Fast - Daniel 10:2-3 brings know how to make the vision come forth
Not too hard a fast, unless you cannot go without your sugar… When you know that you know God said it and it is true but it is not coming forth… God speaks during the Daniel fast to give wisdom on how to bring forth the vision.

3) 1 day fast - self -examination & consecration fast Leviticus 23-27
Have you moved away from your First Love? Here is a one day fast for self examination and consecration to move back towards the love of your life.

4) Fast before a battle (til evening) Judges 20:26 , before any new move of God
We are all facing battles off and on… Here is one to help you with making the right decisions before a battle.

5) Fast to lift God's judgment off another, 1 Kings 21:27-29 for mercy
Someone you love messing up royally and you are concerned for their salvation? here is the fast for that.

6) Fast for healing Isaiah 58
Illness in your life, here is the fast for healing. Remember, he took 39 stripes for us so we were healed. It was done 2000 years ago.

7) The Dominion Fast 40 days and 40 nights, Matthew 4. Here is a radical fast for radical results.

Not all fasts are for all people. In fact, due to health conditions, not all people can fast food. What do you do when your pastor calls for a fast, and you know that you cannot physically fast food? What can you fast? Well what do you spend a lot of time doing, when you are not in church? Maybe it is a hobby. Maybe watching TV. Golf, bowling, skating, pool... well you get the drift.

We all have 24 hours in the day, and God needs to be in the midst of it. Is there something you need to fast from? If all else fails, pray and ask the Lord what He would have you fast.

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