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"Fast 'N Loud" TV show is lying to you

1967 Firebird hardtop
1967 Firebird hardtop

I've never seen Fast n' Loud but I became aware of the show when the Internet was abuzz about the discovery of the first two 1967 Pontiac Firebirds built. However, these cars sounded familiar, so I emailed my F-body friend to see what he had to say. Indeed, the show has hoodwinked the public, spinning a yarn for the sake of hype and publicity. So what did my friend say? You can read all about it in this blog post from Hot Rod magazine.

Fast 'N Loud kinda fake and lame.
Discovery Channel

Amazing, eh?

If you need further proof, check out this Performance Years forum thread from 18 months ago, which is likely how I was familiar with the two Firebirds. The cars were being sold on eBay at the time, then later reported by Want more background? Visit for a good discussion, then search for the links that show these cars have been known since at least 2011.

We are involved in a hobby where people care more about money than the integrity of the car. With the advent of "Reality TV," we now have hucksters being given fame by producers. They are NOT hobbyists like you and me, and this Firebird episode is a clear example how these folks don't deserve our time or money unless they can prove that the integrity of the hobby is more important than exploiting our enthusiasm.

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