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Fast moving white object and jet spotted over Oshawa

On July 27, 2014 at 6:45 p.m., Paul Shishis of Oshawa, Ontario spotted a “very fast moving white colored object” in the skies over his home.

Paul Shishis of Oshawa, Ontario was outside his home when he spotted a fast moving white object and a jet in the sky overhead.
Paul Shishis of Oshawa, Ontario was outside his home when he spotted a fast moving white object and a jet in the sky overhead.
Paul Shishis

“I was outside retrieving the food on the barbecue,” he said adding that as he shut it off, he looked southward and noticed “a jet moving from west to east” that appeared to be over Lake Ontario.

“I then put the food on the plate and looked up again,” Shishis noted. It was then that he spotted the white object “moving in the same direction as the jet.”

Shishis said it took him about 10 seconds to grab his camera to take some pictures.

“I started to photograph it and had trouble zooming in at it because it was so high. On a slight zoom, I took six pictures and it was out of clear sight due to its speed.”

He added that the object appeared to be more than 5,000 feet up and there was a significant amount of cloud cover. The entire sighting took only about 40 seconds.

Even so, he said, “The white brilliance of the object, along with the incredible movement of speed was something to witness.”

Toronto sightings

Shishis was not the only one to witness UFO activity over southern Ontario skies during the final days of July. On July 26, sightings over Toronto caused a flurry of social media postings about sightings of “a bright white light moving unpredictably” over the Willowdale neighborhood.

Several videos were also posted by people who witnessed the sighting with some showing the white light and others displaying four lights flashing pink and green in a single, slightly diagonal line.” Sarah Chun of North York posted two videos displaying what she saw that night.

“It was a really bright orbital object...glowing!” she said. “(It) stayed in one spot for about 10 to 15 minutes but then started moving southwest towards Yonge and Sheppard...”

Many people were alarmed enough to called local police in an effort to find out what was happening. At first one police officer, Const. Craig Brister, who patrols the area in question tried to allay people’s fears posted a notice on Twitter stating that what they saw was his quadcopter that had been “launched from a building top.”

According to CP24 news, a quadcopter is used “as a surveillance tool,” as well as “a way to test different theories of flight navigation.” When CP24 spoke directly with Brister, he retracted his earlier comments. He admitted that he “did not launch the quadcopter and in fact, was just speculating on what he saw while he was on bike patrol.”

A later Toronto Star article stated that some Toronto police officers, who were working during the late shift that night, had seen the lights too. Sergeant Barry White said he had no idea what the object might have been.

“Somebody did see something in the sky but what it was we don't know,” he said adding, “It might have been someone playing with one of those remote control helicopters from one of the condos.”

White noted that Toronto police do not have any specific protocol when it comes to UFO sightings. However, he add that if an object “seemed dangerous,” police might be able to take action “under the criminal code… But to actually go and investigate it further as a UFO, I don’t think we would.”

Then making a stab at humor he said, “I’m trying not to laugh!”

Since the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) picked up no strange objects over Toronto that night, White might want to rethink that statement. If a strange craft in the skies over the city was a UFO, he certainly would not be laughing.


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