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Fast & furious earth changes for Planet Earth: Life is normal til it’s not. NOT!

Colorado house explosion . . .
Colorado house explosion . . .
Denver Post

As the time of the Pole Shift nears, Earth is shaken, stretched, battered and bent more violently, each and every day. Day by day, the way of life many of us once knew and enjoyed quickly slips away, faster and more furious for some than for others. Just ask the victims of recent earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, and landslides.

Planet X and massive earth changes
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We are being forced to live in a new and painfully different world by a phenomenon known as Planet X (Nibiru).

The Pole Shift is a natural phenomenon that occurs regularly throughout time, approximately every 3,652 years, due to the orbit of Planet X (Nibiru) through our solar system. Planet X (Nibiru) has passed through our solar system many times before (as archeology attests), and it is here now. The Pole Shift is currently progressing in a gradual manner with increasing earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and the like, a progression that is and will continue to speed up in the days to come.

What were once just hints of the movement of the earth, have now become so violent that they can no longer be covered up, denied, or explained away as "nothing to be concerned about," for example, Yellowstone supervolcano and quake swarms in Oklahoma and many other places around the world.

There is a lot to be concerned about!

Fact of the matter is, the earth is becoming more and more unstable. The earth wobble and ensuing earth movement disasters rock our world daily, and in some cases hourly. The earth wobble has also caused sloshing seas and created a weather wobble that manifests in bizarre weather patterns and messed up climates globally. Perhaps if these disasters were one of a kind and isolated events, we would have no reason for concern. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

As they say, “the proof as they say is in the pudding,” but how much proof is enough?

Judging from the month of June alone, earth-wobble catastrophes are multiplying exponentially, breaking all previously held records for similar events. Clearly, Earth is literally being stretch to and beyond her limits.

  • (BTW, have you noticed that main stream media rarely uses that phase "record-breaking" any more to describe record-breaking events of this type? Curious.)

Earth wobble disasters for the month of June as a whole have been “off the charts.” Major calamities for this week (Friday, June 13 to Friday, June 20) even include the massive sinkhole that opened in Brazil, just four miles from the World Cup.

And, let us not forget, the electromagnetic effects from the charged tail of Planet X (Nibiru), currently blowing directly toward Earth. Between June 5 and 10, about 50 planes temporarily disappeared from radars in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, leaving air-traffic controllers stunned and alarmed. Electromagnetic effects also affect humans and animals, as well as electronics, so expect a lot of bizarre behavior.

The following list gives a sampling of worldwide earth-wobble events for the week. Take a look at the list and then decide for yourself if the "proof is in the pudding." You may think water main breaks are no big deal until you add in the pipeline breaks and explosions, transformer and underground explosions, power poles bursting into flames, and building, bridge, and crane collapses within the same time frame.


Here's the list. Read it and weep, as they say, or rather read it and seriously prepare for a time of lot more of the same and worse in the not-to-distant future.

Friday, June 13

  • South America, houses dangerously cracking on island of Tierra Bomba, Colombia, 120 are about to collapse, 10,000 people in jeopardy
  • South America, Venezuela, road destabilized by coastal erosion (sinking) in Barranquilla
  • Ukraine, gas explosion in coal mine in Donetsk
  • New York, road collapse in Alden
  • New York, water main breaks in Queensbury
  • Texas, water main breaks in Oak Cliff
  • Kentucky, bridge collapse in Boyle county, Lexington
  • Venezuela, sea retreats 3 to 4 meters from usual height

Saturday, June 14

  • Canada, water main breaks in Montreal
  • UK, explosions and fire on Ferndown Industrial Estate
  • Nevada, water main break in Las Vegas
  • New York, water main break in Syracuse
  • Oklahoma, quake swarm

Sunday, June 15

  • Japan, quakes near Fukushima
  • Philippines, landslides in Cotabato (Jun 15-16)
  • Maine, landslide in Alna

Monday, June 16

  • Africa, with two weeks 4-story and a 5-story buildings collapsed
  • Vietnam, gas explosion in Hanoi
  • Alaska, bridge collapse in Anchorage
  • California, building collapse in Foster City
  • California, underground explosion in San Diego
  • California, explosions, transformer fire and power outage in Stockton
  • Ohio, water main break in Sagamore Hills
  • Oklahoma, quake swarm
  • Pennsylvania, mysterious power outages in Central region, explosions heard
  • Nevada, house explodes in Central Lyon County
  • New Hampshire, water main break in Salem

Tuesday, June 17

  • Africa, lecture hall collapses in Nigeria
  • Canada, water main breaks in Waterloo
  • Russia, gas pipeline explosion
  • Vietnam, gas explosion destroys road in HCMC
  • Alaska, earthquake swarm
  • California, sinkhole and water main break in Burbank
  • Iowa, water main breaks in Ames
  • Kentucky, roof of a minimart collapses
  • Minnesota, power line explosion in rochester
  • Missouri, water main break in columbia
  • New Jersey, building collapse in West new York

Wednesday, June 18

  • Lebanon, building collapse in Beirut
  • New Zealand, loud booms in Auckland
  • New Zealand, earthquake swarm in Rotorua
  • Spain, earthquake swarm in Tenerife largest of seven Canary Islands
  • Thailand, building collapse
  • Connecticut, transformer explosions
  • Kentucky, sinkhole forces facility evacuation in Hopkinsville
  • Massachusetts, water main break in worcester
  • Missouri, water main break in Wentzville
  • Missouri, fourth sinkhole at West Fork
  • New York, building collapse in Hudson County
  • New York, sinkhole in Williamburg
  • New York, building collapse on staten Island
  • Oklahoma, ongoing earthquake swarms
  • Oklahoma, earthquake swarm
  • Wisconsin, 50 water main breaks in three days in Milwaukee

Thursday, June 19

  • Africa, flyover collapses in Lagos, Nigeria
  • China, landslide derails trail in Guangdong Province
  • India, 70 houses lost in sea erosion (sinking) in in Kaiko, Hilariya Nagara
  • India, building wall collapses in North Delhi
  • Colorado, house explodes in Thornton
  • Minnesota, massive mudslide at edge of hospital
  • New York, underground explosion in Queens
  • New York, building collapse in Williamsburg
  • Ohio, sinkhole swallowed a Metro bus in Corryville
  • Ohio, water main break in Cincinnati
  • Washington state, building collapse in Beaufort County

Friday, June 20

  • California, underground vault explosion in Fairfax
  • Kentucky, bridge on the Tennessee River collapses
  • Illinois, house explodes in decatur
  • New Jersey, building collapse in Cherry Hill
  • Nevada, earthquake swarm in Lake Tahoe area
  • Pennsylvania, several water main breaks is South Hills

If this little list doesn’t give you an inkling of what the transit of Planet X (Nibiru) means for good ole Planet Earth and those dancing on her back, then nothing ever will . . . a severe case of "eyes wide shut."

Definition of eyes wide shut - Not seeing what's in front of you when you're looking at it.

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