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'Fast & Furious 7' will resume production in March 2014

Vin Diesel Twitter
Vin Diesel Twitter
Vin Diesel tweeted, "The transition into that Dom state of mind has always been an interesting one… only this time there is added purpose, a collective goal to make this the best one in the series. P.s. The long awaited completion of Seven, begins..."

It has been long debated whether or not "Fast & Furious 7" would resume after the untimely and horrific death of Paul Walker in December of 2013.

The decision is in and it looks like fans can exhale. While there will be a small delay in the release date, the filming is going to be completed. The movie will now debut on April 10, 2015 rather than the original date planned for release which was July 11, 2014.

"Fast & Furious 7" will resume production for the first time since the death of the beloved superstar, Paul Walker, in Atlanta according to Universal Pictures. They are getting geared up to move forward and deliver a squeal that promises to be better than the last.

James Wan, director of “Fast & Furious 7", has not disclosed how Brian O'Conner, Paul Walkers character, will be exited from the movie. It was however disclosed that some existing footage of Walker will be used. Chris Morgan, screenwriter, has had to redraft the script to retire O'Conner.

Co-stars who worked with Paul Walker on the set of “Fast & Furious 7" are nothing short of emotional. Mostly, they are ready to resume filming. Vin Diesel posted a photo on Facebook last Monday saying finishing the movie also comes with "added purpose."