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Fast foods do not provide the nutrition needed to remain healthy

Fresh foods are needed by everyone
Pat Anthony/Nutrition Examiner

While fast foods do make life easier for some, these foods don't provide the nutrition needed by the human body.

Studies show those eating fast foods on a regularly could be missing many nutrients needed on a daily basis. Experts who have studied fast food menus offer details that could change the minds of some.

Fast foods are enjoyed by many and some insist the nutrition they need is in the foods they consume and there is no reason to make changes.

Many realize when they are eating what some consider fast food that they are not eating a nutritious meal but know their next meal will include nutrients from whole foods.

Discussing this matter with some who enjoy frequenting several fast food establishments, this writer was told the positives of fast foods are as follow:

  • It is quick and easy
  • It fits most budgets
  • It has the fatty and salty tastes I like

The same people shared what they thought were the negatives of enjoying fast foods:

  • It seems to lack anything green
  • It is very high in the fats we shouldn't eat
  • It doesn't have the vitamins I should be getting in my food.

It seems obvious that the average person is aware that fast foods are not the best choice when it comes to health, but this is often something people choose because they like the taste and think they can get more for their money with fast food.

Information reported in Food Business News shows while there is some improvement to report, most concerned about their health might not be impressed:

Six of the eight restaurants studied improved the nutritional quality of their menu offerings, with the greatest improvement during the 14-year period registered by Kentucky Fried Chicken, up 9 points, followed by Jack in the Box, up 7 points. Burger King and Wendy’s were the only two fast-food chains not to post a gain in their comparative H.E.I.-2005 score over the 14-year period, the study noted.

Readers may be surprised to learn this study showed that Wendy's actually decreased as far as the amount of whole grains and vegetables offered, while the saturated fats and calories from sugars and solid fats did increase.

Fast foods have changed over the decades, but the need for nutrient dense foods by the human body has not.

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