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Fast food workers will lose jobs should raise take place

Supply and demand must always equal otherwise there is chaos
Supply and demand must always equal otherwise there is chaos

First of all fast food work is not a career. Second of all working within a fast food position it is not worth $15 an hour. The managers do not make that much money annually as they are only paid annually approximately $23,000 a year. A fast food job is a position that builds someone into the workforce. Fast food franchises are personally owned so it is personally chosen on how much money will be paid by the owner based upon sales of that franchise. In other words, if the franchise is not doing well, employees will not be working many hours and will be sent home more often than the manager who works full time hours to handle the store operations.

In a perfect world employees working in a fast food company would have 40-hour shifts, better pay, and health insurance but this is reality. Job seekers and current fast food workers alike need to smell the true grease burning within the industry. These type franchises are personally owned by whomever wishes to buy them. The person who is running the franchise takes charge of everything from stocking food and products to ensuring there is always enough staff on duty each day. Franchise owners do not have an easy job so to consider paying a higher wage due to federal government force will most likely mean the firing of workers because they must put out more money to pay the cost of employees. The supply of inventory cannot be kept up with due to lack of funds. Fast food companies will no longer meet the demand of consumers who want product because there is a lack of supply. Everything works as a chain or like a domino effect. It all comes down to money and when money issues are interrupted such as in this issue there will be a serious issue taking place that will affect the entire staff.