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Fast-food Nerf assault: Worker shot with Nerf dart by couple

Fast-food Nerf assault in Mo.
Fast-food Nerf assault in Mo.
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A fast-food Nerf assault happened in Fenton, Mo. earlier this week. In a bizarre incident, a couple drove up to a Lion's Choice and began shooting at a worker in the restaurant. CBS Local in St. Louis reported Feb. 14 that Mark Applebaum, 26, and his girlfriend -- Stephanie Winkler, 22 -- have been charged with third-degree assault.

According to St. Louis County Police, the pair were in an SUV that pulled up to the drive-through. They reportedly did not order anything at the drive-up menu....they just drove up to the window and began shooting Nerf darts at the worker inside. Luckily the employee was not injured in the fast-food Nerf assault.

A motive for the strange attack has not been revealed if there was one. It could have been a random act of stupidity or someone out to harass a person they knew. Either way, the fast-food Nerf assault was not cool. While the weapon used was at least not a real firearm, the attack was still vicious and uncalled for.

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