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Fast-food Nerf assault: Couple charged after shooting fast-food worker

A fast-food Nerf assault carried out by a St. Louis couple is being taken very seriously by authorities and police have now charged the two with third-degree assault. The incident took place at the Lion’s Choice restaurant in Fenton Mo., and the so called fast-food Nerf assault was caught on camera. According to a Feb. 13 report from KMOV, 22-year old Stephanie Winkler shot a fast-food worker with a yellow Nerf dart while her boyfriend, Mark Applebaum, 26, drove their SUV into the drive-thru without ordering anything.

Police say the employee was not hurt during the attack and it is still unclear as to what initiated such a childish act. Although no one was injured as a result of the fast-food Nerf assault, third-degree assault charges were filed.

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“The Nerf dart strikes her. Nobody was injured in this case but if it hits an eye or something an injury could result from this,” St. Louis County Police Officer Brian Schellman explained.

Winkler and Applebaum could be jailed for up to fifteen days and also be required to pay a $300 fine. A judge will decide their fate during their next court hearing which is scheduled for April 14.

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