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Fast-food Nerf assault: Arrests made after drive-thru worker shot with Nerf dart
A prank at a fast food window in St. Louis ended with a pair being charged with assault.

A fast-food Nerf assault of a drive-thru worker has landed a pair from St. Louis straight into the fryer. According to KMOV St. Louis on Thursday, Stephanie Winkler, 22, and her boyfriend Mark Applebaum, 26, thought it would be all kicks and giggles if they drove through a fast-food lane and popped the girl at the window with a yellow dart from a Nerf gun.

A security camera at a Lion’s Choice on Gravois Bluffs Blvd. in Fenton caught the incident on video. Police tracked the foam shooters down and charged them both with third-degree assault.

According to police, Applebaum drove a black SUV into the restaurant’s drive-thru, but didn’t order anything and pulled straight up to the window. After he stopped, Winkler stuck the worker with a yellow foam dart.

Check out the surveillance video by clicking here

Nerf toys are designed to not cause injury, although modifications made to the guns can prove to be dangerous, and of course, as with any projectile, there’s the possibility that “you’ll shoot your eye out.”

“The Nerf dart strikes her. Nobody was injured in this case but if it hits an eye or something an injury could result from this,” said St. Louis County Police Officer Brian Schellman.

According to KMOV, a “physical injury does not have to occur for assault charges to be filed. The presence of fear alone can institute a third-degree assault charge, which is punishable by one to 15 days in jail and a $300 fine.”

If you watched the video linked above, I’m not certain how much “fear” was present. The girl at the window looks down after being hit with the dart, peers out the drive-thru window a couple times, and goes on her way.

Certainly, our underpaid patty-flippers and coffee makers are not paid nearly enough to endure the inane twaddle of a couple of YouTube wannabees. That said, is an assault arrest taking this too far? Leave your thoughts below.

Now these fast food workers looked afraid:

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