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Fast-food Nerf assault: 22 y/o shoots worker with Nerf gun, drive-thru 'attack'

A fast-food Nerf assault occurred this week, involving a 22-year-old woman and her boyfriend allegedly shooting a fast-food restaurant worker with a small Nerf gun. In what is being called a drive-thru “attack” in local Fenton, the female suspect and her 26-year-old boyfriend are now being charged with third-degree assault. KMOV News shares this Friday, Feb. 14, 2014, that the strange but shocking incident occurred this month at Lion’s Choice on Gravois Bluffs Boulevard.

A Nerf gun like the one used in the drive-thru attack
Facebook, Photo, Nussey Magazine

The fast-food Nerf assault is said to have been caught on camera, with the video evidence being used to capture the two suspects in this case. The woman — 22-year-old Stephanie Winkler — as well as her 26-year-old boyfriend, Mark Applebaum, were arrested on charges of third-degree assault this week. While some details are still being investigated, say police, it is confirmed that although no serious physical damage took place, a worker was shot directly with a Nerf gun while at the window post at the drive-thru of a fast-food restaurant.

According to the law enforcement report, Applebaum rode up in a black SUV to the drive-thru window. However, he failed to order anything. Then, abruptly, the surveillance video reveals the 22-year-old female suspect Winkler pulling out a Nerf gun and “attacking” the worker by shooting a Nerf dart.

“The Nerf dart strikes her. Nobody was injured in this case but if it hits an eye or something an injury could result from this,” said St. Louis County Police Officer Brian Schellman in a recent statement.

While it may seem strange at first in this fast-food Nerf assault case that actual criminal charges may be filed, physical injury is not a requirement for an assault to be formally filed in the eyes of the law. The very presence of fear, or the threat of danger, is enough for third-degree assault charges to be constituted. The punishment for such a crime can range from a single day to 15 days in jail, as well as a potential $300 fine.

A motive for the Nerf gun attack has not been determined or make known quite yet, but it was believed to be a prank. Regardless, though no physical damage seems to have occurred, it was surely an unnecessary and cruel act. The 22-year-old female Nerf “shooter” and her male accomplice are currently due in court this April 2014.

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