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Fast food fight 2014: May 15 industry strike for $15 an hour and unionization

fast food industry
fast food industry

When you think about what jobs might earn you a decent salary, flipping burgers has never been at the top of that list. Fast food employees want that vision to change; therefore a fast food industry strike is set to go global next week to fight for higher wages and unionization.

The global fast food industry strike is slated to begin next week on May 15. This is symbolic because the participating employees want their paychecks to rise to $15 an hour.

Here’s a math equation for you: minimum wage is $7.25, President Obama wants that number to rise to $10.10 and the workers in the fast food industry want their wages increased to $15. That is more than double the current minimum wage and a full time forty hour a week employee would have an annual wage of $31,200. Now think about the office assistants and receptionists in your office. Are administrative personnel about to become the next lowest paying job?

Thousands of the four million fast food employees are expected to participate in the May 15 strike. Earlier this month, fast food representatives and union leaders from countries all around the world met for the first global meeting for fast-food industry employees. This meeting was organized by The International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers' Associations. Basically, this is a federation comprised of 396 trade unions in 126 countries representing 12 million workers.

If (and this is a big IF) the employees win and receive their raises, what will that mean to everyone else? Chances are the $1 menu will be a thing of the past; other industries will also push for higher pay as a result, and the fast food industry will take a hard hit as people will not want to pay or be able to afford the higher prices.

Industry strikes are expected to begin with walkouts in Philadelphia, Sacramento, Miami and Orlando. Globally, the protests are expected to include protests in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, South America and Central America

Do you think fast food employees deserve a raise? Sure they do! Do you think they should make more than double what minimum wage is currently set to pay? No; however out of work professionals with MBAs would start applying for these positions.

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