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Fast and fabulous at Wegmans cruise night

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The sleek styling of late model high performance cars joined chrome laden classics at the weekly Wegmans Cruise Night in Abingdon, Maryland. The weekly gathering of owners and spectators has become a hub of car talk and the appreciation of old and new in the world of automobile building and collecting.

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Each week visitors can see exotic sports cars, custom classics, rat rods, hot rods and even motorcycles that are above and beyond what you see on a normal daily commute. Taking the time to talk with the owners can bring a new appreciation that goes beyond the gleaming chrome and incredible paint.

During this visit one owner talked about how he rebuilt and restored his Porsche. Asking about the extent of his garage or where he did the work he explained that he lived in a townhouse and had no garage. He did all the work, which was exquisite, in the backyard, using his son's basketball frame as a hoist to remove the engine.

Another couple was proudly showing their recently restored Chevrolet El Camino with custom paint and graphics. Going to these car cruises is sometimes akin to going to an art gallery, as visitors appreciate the intricate paint work and custom graphics.

The owner of a popular rat rod has a number of stories to tell of his combination car that he built years ago. His passion comes through as he tells of chopping the roof and adding a 1948 front end, hood and fenders, to the 1940 Ford body with Cadillac tail lights. The interior includes Mustang seats and no headliner, in true rat rod fashion, so viewers can see the weld marks. The finish is classic rat rod, unfinished with sand spots and primer, a true work of art.

A 1959 Ford Galaxie Sunliner was positioned between two corvettes, making an interesting juxtaposition of old and new. The chrome and steel of the first Galaxie model produced contrasted to the shorter, lighter fiberglass models of today.

The cruise night is every Saturday night through September, and sometimes a bit later into the Fall, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. There is no registration fee for cruisers wanting to show off their automobile, truck or motorcycle, and no charge for visitors. There is a raffle for those who have a vehicle on display and an informal voting of crowd favorite for the night. The store is located at 3500 Woodsdale Rd., Abingdon, MD 21009