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Fast and easy ways to make free money

Free Money
Free Money

Have you ever heard the phrases: " a penny saved is a penny earned" or " every little penny counts?"

It can be hard to make money and saving money doesn't take a backseat. I personally know a gentleman that dislikes, actually despises pennies. On more than one occasion, I've witnessed literally throw handfuls of pennies into a parking lot. I've also seen my child pick up and save the very same pennies. Believe me, had she not, I sure would have.

Money and savings are hard to come by. There just never seems to be enough. I'd like to share a list of ways for you to make extra and often free money.

Here are a few ways to find and earn extra money!

Sell your unwanted household items and clothing on a Facebook yard sale group.

Sell unwanted items on eBay or Amazon.

Visit Thred Up and open a new account. You will automatically be welcomed with a gift of $10.00 available immediately to spend!

There are wonderful ideas presented by the Penny Hoarder Blog. A list of fifteen companies offering nearly $2,000 in free product to complete small task, join a program or similar easy ways to qualify to earn free money!

You can enter to win free cash and prizes with Sweepstakes and giveaways held by companies and blog websites. You can find these giveaways by visiting the sweepstakes newsletter on, joining Facebook sweepstakes groups, searching Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for sweepstake announcements.

You can follow sweepstake blogs including my new blog titled, Mommies and Beyond Too. You may also friend me on Facebook as Shanna Mommiesandbeyond or on Twitter as the name @ craftsexaminer. I share many links to giveaways 5-7 days a week. Please be sure to subscribe to this column to learn more about sweepstakes.

I'd love to learn how you earn free or extra income!

Make FREE $$$
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