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Fashions Best Friend: A Doggie Fashion Show at Lavish Lounge


       On the runway at Lavish Lounge

These days, faux is in and fur is out. That is unless of course the fur isn’t wrapped around your neck, but instead walking on all fours by your side. In that case, there is no comparison. The Dumb Friends League seems to agree. So, not only did they set up their adoption bus outside of Lavish Lounge to give Denverites a chance to bring home a new pal, they decided to show them how good it really looks to have a furry friend at their side.

In partnership with Red Carpet Entertainment and The Barkin’ Boutique, The Dumb Friends League held a doggie fashion show right inside the Lodo nightclub. Along with a club full of pretty people and pooches packing the runway, the evening also featured great deals on bottle service.

If you’re interested in getting either a cat or a dog to compliment those apple bottom jeans, check out the Dumb Friends League adoption website—there are plenty of styles and sizes to choose from. Oh, and did I mention them becoming one of the most loving and loyal friends you will ever have? It can never hurt to look...


  • Marian Tuin, National Pop Music Examiner 5 years ago

    I LOVE this! So sweet and such a good idea.

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