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Fashionable under your Dresses!

Be sexy and comfy!

Kate Middleton is in the news again and this time for another mishap with her dress showing her bare bum when a helicopter blows her dress up. Perhaps after the first incident she should have sent her fashion expert to buy her some “under garments” or “Spanx” to wear under her beautiful designer dresses. After all Kate Middleton is one of the most photographed famous persons in the world that is also a fashion icon just like Lady Diana, her deceased Mother-in-law was.

It is not like she can’t afford to buy an undergarment to protect her backside from the paparazzi’s ever watchful eyes. Maybe she has never been told they are a fashion statement that should be worn by woman in the public’s eye. Some women like to wear them and some don’t. Most undergarments which now are called many names like,

“Undersummers, Shape Wear, Spanx, Intimates & Undergarments” are very popular today! They are also very comfortable and even considered sexy! Compared to the old days when women wore corsets that were not comfy at all. Who wants their organs all pinched together with tight strings anyway??!!

All of these under garments can be worn under dresses or even with shorts and pants to prevent a panty line look through the outfits. Many women replace these with underwear especially if a “thong” is not your best friend. These are the perfect replacement for them! They are also a great replacement for leggings which can be very uncomfortable especially in the hot summer Texas months. Leggings are more suited for cold winter months where Undergarments like” Spanx” and “Undersummers” can be worn all year around with dresses, shorts, skorts and even under pants.

Most under garments are made out of stretchy spandex like material that have lace around the top waistbands and even the leg edges to prevent riding up on the leg when sitting or bending. They come in all sizes even for the plus size ladies, many colors and even crazy designs such as leopard, & zebra. They even come with matching camisole tops. The price ranges are very inexpensive and start at around $27.50 and up.

Perhaps next time before Kate Middleton heads out on one of her civic duties as a Princess with Prince William, she should invest in some really nice undergarments for her beautiful designer dresses. Then she won’t have to worry about showing her bum for the entire world to see. One day her own son, the future King George surely would not like to be embarrassed by his Mother when she had every opportunity to acquire the right under garments!

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