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Fashion Week Nashville rescheduled to November 2010

Runway show
Runway show
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Originally scheduled for September 7-11, Fashion Week Nashville has been re-scheduled to run November 2-6, 2010.

From the Couture Fashion Magazine's website: "Couture Fashion Magazine is bringing you Nashville's first- ever, official Fashion Week. Nashville's fashion week is open to press, buyers, fashion enthusiasts, celebrities and the public! A portion of the proceeds raised by Fashion Week Nashville will go to help Middle Tennessee flood victims. Join in the celebration of fashion in the Music City this fall!!"

Couture Magazine tweeted last week that the event, which would have coincided with New York Fashion Week, was rescheduled, primarily, due to low ticket sales. In addition, the event coordinators wanted to give the designers more time to create and complete their full looks for the fashion shows. Overall, the staff is happy with the change in date because they want to guarantee the ticket holders a good show and a great 1st Annual Fashion Week.

Click the picture above or the link below to view the full schedule for Fashion Week Nashville. Also, go to for more event details, vendor info, and volunteer opportunities.


Follow Fashion Week Nashville on TWITTER for updates and details: @FWNashville


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