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Fashion Week Las Vegas begins their new season

Fashion Week Las Vegas opened their fourth season with a bang, which is what Fashion Weeks should do. The first model down the runway was wearing a showgirl costume by Kicka Custom Designs of Los Angeles. Designer Marika Soderlund-Robison quickly pointed out that this was “costuming”, not “fashion”, but the rich textures and colors of her intricate costume left the audience feeling the distinction was irrelevant.

Model Cebrena for Anna White
by author
Costume by Kicka Custom designs which started off Fashion Week Las Vegas Season 4.
by author

The first night of the Fashion Week, held Monday, February 17th at Sound Stage Studio B in Las Vegas included couture from Istanbul, Turkey, and Trinidad and Tobago as well as a selection of American established and emerging designers.

The first full runway show of the evening was by Anna White, featuring dresses in vibrant colors inspired by gemstones, with a Caribbean influence. That show was followed by Zeynel Adakei, lead designer for the XIVAO Collection, of Istanbul, Turkey. The company name is an interesting one that reflects their aesthetic; each of the letters stands for a different body shape, and they ensure that they design for all shapes of women.

Perhaps the most entertaining show of the night, and certainly the one that was most “editorial” in nature, was put on by Jesse Leon, of HardWear by Leon. Some of his outfits were made entirely of metal; all had strong metal accents. They express an in-your-face sexiness, accented by a bit of a fetish flavor in some. Jesse says he takes his inspiration from Thierry Mugler, so it is understandable that his designs are more extreme than the average woman might wear on a night out; they are intended for extraordinary women.

The final show of the evening was from the Billionaire Collection, the first of five they will present this season, to show off their versatility. Billionaire, as you might expect from the name, specializes in extreme luxury clothing, suitable for people who have, or aspire to, considerable wealth. The show itself was creative, featuring male models placed throughout the runway, and the female models wearing Billionaire designs flirted through them, stopping at each for a bit of sensuous interaction.

Fashion Week Las Vegas continues through the rest of the week. Tickets are still available for those who want to see the remaining shows.

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