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Fashion Week 2014 hairstyles

This year's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week seemed to bring designers with more open minds to bold nail designs, creative makeup concepts, and interesting hairstyles.

Backstage at Lacoste, intricate bun styles made out of braids were all over.

Concept Korea's stylists incorporated both thick cornrows and messy buns onto their models' hair, while backstage at Lacoste, hairstyles included hair pulled sleekly back into a bun... but the bun itself was huge because it was made out of several small braids.

Harbison's models' hair was shiny and also sleek, pulled back and sideways (almost in Elsa from "Frozen" fashion,) into a "turning" bun that was twisted around itself. Models at Christine Alcalay had their hair pulled back and down into a low ponytail that was then braided halfway down the length. The bottom was left to hang in a shorter pony.

Nellie Partow went messy with the hairstyles, pulling dry hair loosely back into a messy bun with pieces hanging out in all directions.

At Peter Som, models with short hair and shoulder-length hair kept their lengths intact, and were styled into a cool, loose, almost retro look. Hair was teased at the crown, parted on the side, and otherwise left alone.

Yuna Yang went a little more detailed, pulling hair down low to the nape of the neck, then crimping and teasing it and rolling it into a textured roll. Where the roll went up and met the head, it was met with braiding, both curved and vertical.

On the whole, designers seemed to be much more open this year to interesting hairstyles taking the stage. The messy styles, braiding, teased focal points and rolls and buns were definitely enough to possibly pull focus away from the fashion, which designers usually fight. Luckily for us, this year it seems they opened up a bit to the possibilities of the hair coordinating with their awesome fashion designs and bringing the whole look together. Whether simple and muted, or intricate and complicated, hairstyles can draw attention, deflect attention, or even bring a sense of everything in the look being tied in together, which is great.

Don't forget to check out the images above to see several styles from NYFW.

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