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Fashion warning: Do not buy this item

Black Tropical Birds Tube Romper of Fail
Black Tropical Birds Tube Romper of Fail

Ever so often you walk around a store, see an item and think, "Who would buy this?!?" You might even take a photo to show the item's ugliness. If you're like me, then you think long and hard about trying to hide it so no one else is tempted.

Today while browsing for swim suits (article to come soon!), I saw one of these items. Fortunately it's only available online so I know you guys won't be running into the item here in Dallas. However, in case you see this item online and think "Well, maybe it will look cute," I wanted to let you know that "No, it won't."

This is the most hideous fashion creation. It will not flatter anyone who puts it on. On the Torrid website, it is found under "swimwear." Do not wear this as a swimsuit. The "tropical birds" print will not be seen as retro or kitsch. The high banded legs will accentuate nothing but negatives of your thighs. The undefined waist will seem to increase your waistline. The bust will depreciate you. This is a bad item made with bad material and it is not your friend.

What items have you seen lately that are just huge fashion no-nos?

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  • Vanessa 5 years ago

    Ha! I don't know how these little rompers made it back from the 70s, but I've seen them featured in magazines and on TV. Plus size or not, I don't think these are meant for real-life unless you want to spend every other second pulling the top up then adjusting the bottom.

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