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Fashion Trends for 2014: Why the Signet Ring is back in Vogue

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Fashion trends are constantly changing, which is why so many people struggle to keep pace with them over time. This also explains why some geographical regions fall behind the times when it comes to understanding and applying fashion, as larger, metropolitan cities such as London often blaze a trail for others to follow. For avid followers of fashion, it can be extremely difficult to distinguish between viable and less popular trends, as something that may be in Vogue in the capital may not have any appeal further north.

The Signet Ring: A Resurgent Fashion Icon

Another issue is that some items continue to fade in and out of fashion on a regular basis. Take the signet ring, for example, which during its most recent incarnation in the 1990’s emerged as a symbol of aggression and lower class living. This forced them to become increasingly unfashionable, especially among those with a higher income and more discerning fashion tastes. This is at odds with the elegant and proud history of the signet ring, however, which was once a traditional symbol of wealth, breeding and aristocratic living. The impressive history of the signet ring was reinforced during 2010, after Prince Charles was pictured wearing one at a Clarence House event.

In the wake of this and similar revelations, the signet ring has once more become a signifier of style and wealth. Rather like the often criticised Burberry brand, it has been adopted by those with wealth and a desire to invest heavily in their looks and the visual appearance that they present. This represents far more than a simple change in the course of history, however, as it is part of a wider and re-emerging trend for old-fashioned elegance and traditional tailoring. Subsequently, the Signet ring should now be considered as a sharp and stylish accessory that has genuine meaning among modern consumers.

The Re-Emergence of the Signet Ring: A Fusion of Style and Accessibility

The re-emergence of the signet ring as a symbol of status and style could not have been timed better, as it has coincided with the widespread development of online technology and e-commerce. This means that today’s style and fashion conscious consumers can easily access quality products such as Rebus Signet rings online, while also having the opportunity to compare prices across the entire market in the quest for a viable deal. With this in mind, the signet ring strikes the ideal balance between style and accessibility, which underlines the fact that quality and high-end fashion is longer be exclusive to those with considerable amounts of disposable income.