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Fashion Talent at Miss UF Pageant

Playing cards inspire fashion
Playing cards inspire fashion
Photo by: Fashion Guru Blog at

Monday night (February 22) Florida Blue Key presented the Miss UF Pageant. The pageant began in 1975 and has been a tradition for full-time University of Florida students to compete in a local pageant for a spot in the Miss Florida pageant.

This year’s winner, Laura Beard, did just that. She had perfected her walk, smile and amazed the crowd with her winning piano performance.

Although Laura truly amazed me with her talent, it was Gina Lewis that truly caught my attention in regards to her talent. Most pageant competitors sing, dance or play a musical instrument, but Gina was different. Her talent was ‘Fashion Design’.

When the curtain rose for Gina to reveal her talent, there were 5 designs beautifully displayed. Then Gina began to speak about her designs.

The theme was ‘Playing Cards’ with the line titled ‘Royal Flush’. As Lady Gaga’s ‘Poker Face’ played in the background, Gina described her fashion line of 5 dresses. She went into detail about why she chose this theme and stated that fashion “brings out the artist in all of us”.

Her dresses were beautiful, hip and modern. Encompassing full skirts, bows, and belts. The colors were mainly black, red and white and definitely stayed within her theme of ‘Playing Cards’. There was even a skirt made of playing cards!

She quoted Coco Chanel by saying, “Fashion isn’t something that exists in dresses only. It exists in the sky and in the streets. Fashion is in one’s ideas, and the way you think, and the way we live.”

This is very true! Fashion is everywhere and we can interpret it any way we want. Fashion is part of our personality and it is the one thing we can control so don’t take this lightly as you get dressed tomorrow. Even if you are feeling down and don’t want to do your hair – you can still add some pizzazz to your outfit by adding a headband or show off some new chandelier earrings.

Take some inspiration from Gina (and of course, Coco, the amazing designer of CHANEL) and be different! She took a risk at developing and showing her designs as her talent and you can do the same on a daily basis. So go out and try something new – you never know, you may just start a new trend. 


  • Janet B 5 years ago

    Agreed! That girl was phenomenal!! My favorite was the card detailing on the skirts. Hot.

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