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Fashion Sweatshirt, High Fashion for Fall

High fashion with Cozy Silhouettes
Belk Media Room

Fall is right around the corner. A great trend is big for fall and it’s not only stylish but comfy. Don't pull out your bedazzelers just yet. The fashion sweatshirt, a must have for this fall's wardrobe isn't the DIY project of your teens. Although DIY isn't off the table, the trend for this fall isn't your average sweatshirt. Belk's trend expert, Arlene Goldstein, put's together the season's Top 10 Must Have list and the fashion sweatshirt has made the cut. Arlene shared the secret to the fashion sweatshirt at the Belk Media Fall Fashion Preview.

The Cut: The key to the fashion sweatshirt is a nod or wink to the casual nature of the item, but keeping a slightly more flattering silhouette and an eye for the details. A wider neck, a high low seem, a 3/4 sleeve all serve to reduce the boxy shape usually associated with a sweatshirt.

The Details: Partner the cozy silhouette with a lace cut-out, studding or sparkle. Step up the style with a print in a sheer, softer fabric or flirty fun subject reminds us that this is a women's apparel item.

The Styling: Even though you are wearing a sweatshirt, this isn't necessarily a casual look. Pair it with a pencil skirt and ankle boots; leather pants and stiletto heel. Create a complex, well thought look by pairing with polar opposites.

If you’re as ready for fall as I am, stay tuned for fall trends to look forward to and ones you can start wearing now.
So put a fashion sweatshirt on your list and stay cozy and fabulous this fall!

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